Let's not talk about the art, let's talk about this: In the two years I have passed by MBS station, I've not seen a crowd gathered on either of its platforms. The station appears to be seriously underused, despite the density and general busyness of the area it serves. I think there are two main reasons for this: One, the design of the station itself (it is hard to access the boarding platforms) and, two, the location of the bus station, which is way the fuck way on the other side of the street—only a Moses could quickly get you across that traffic-choked street. The bus station should have been located on the empty space just north of MBS, and the steps leading to the boarding platforms should be outside and not deep inside the bulky structure. Sound Transit really needs to rethink this place. MBS should be an important transportation and business hub and not what always see when passing it: a floating ghost town.