Bonus Dinosaur News: On the Terra Nova Disappointment


Each episode has its own plot hole. One episode has a EMP hit the camp, destroyed all electronics, including the back up chip making machine, which was in no way protected. But their video archive thingy that contains everything and nothing from the old world, while it didnt work (no power), it had proper shielding to protect all the data.

So why the hell didnt they have the back up chip maker in the same champer the video archive had?
Don't worry, things will pick up when the Third Tribe shows up.
I only watched the first 15 minutes of the first episode. But I thought it sucked.
It caught me drunk last time it was on so I gave it another chance. I agree with the quote, only he forgets the heaping spoonful of Disney. (Momma dino reunites with baby dino after the kid releases it back into the wild while an orchestra strums sentimental? Fuck me. If that baby dino grows up and saves one of those children in a later episode, so help me God.)

It's biggest problem is that it's written for stupid people.
What a waste of poor Stephen Lang.
"Terra Nova is the worst thing to happen to Sci Fi in 20 years".

Mark Sumner is a buffoon. I don't care if Terra Nova is at best 'average' or whatever. You know why? If it draws ratings and makes money, next season we'll get two or more sci-fi TV shows. If the 2012-2013 season sees more profits, we get three or more shows in 2013-2014. Four or more the year after.

If we get four shows, you know what? One will be shit, two will be "OK", and one could be the next Firefly. If we get enough, thanks to the magic of bell curves, one will be the next franchise monster of Star Trek, Stargate, or Battlestar scale.

Fuck yeah, Shannons. May you get 15 million viewers a week and a bitching share of 18-34 year olds.
If we get more sci-fi shows due to the ratings success of Terra Nova, please let one feature Supermarionation, e.g, Thunderbirds, Team America: World Police--it is so trippy and funny.
Doesn't Spielberg produce this show???
It's just boring. Stopped watching after the first two shows.

Lost may have ended badly, but at least for a long time it was very entertaining.
The show has grown on me. I liked the Episode directed by Bryan Singer way more. Also, could we stop pretending that Darren Geyer aka Reynolds, is a Southern Gentlemen, and maybe have the character be more than eye-candy.
So your article points to an article that points to a article that comments on a dinosaur version of Space1999 on Fox. OK, with you now...
@8, Spielberg maybe executive producer in name/title only.
Jesus! What a dump to attach his name too.