As of yesterday, Slog commenters had raised $8,175 more than Gawker commenters to feed the homeless and hungry. Today our lead has ballooned to $8,995! That's amazing, of course. But now we gotta get it over the $9,000 mark.

As you know, if you donate to Northwest Harvest and send us your receipt, you'll get an AWESOME PERSON tag on your commenter handle. To sweeten the pot today, the first person to make a donation after this post goes up and send us the receipt will also get this drawing:


This one-of-a-kind doodle was made by The Stranger's general manager Laurie Saito in a recent manager's meeting. Laurie went to art school and makes one-of-a-kind drawings like this all the time. There's a gallery of them on my office wall because I usually beg her for her doodles when meetings are over. But for charity, today, I'm giving this one away.

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