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Happy New Year!

Vancouver and Portland

Big News from the FLDS Church

Vacuum Tubes?

What Are You Doing Tonight?

Saturday Morning News

More Shakespeare in Pyongyang

Fisking Joel Connelly

Today Is Going

SL Letter of the Day: Sex Advice That Works

Green Lake Watch

Where Will You be Watching the Winter Classic?

Mmm... Turkey!

My Movies of the Year

Better Pay Attracts Better Teachers

The Safest Year to Fly?

Look How Close the Drunk of the Year Poll Is!

She Hit Me! I Took it Like a Man!

The Morning News: Our Cities, World, and Space

Too Funny

Noontime Quikster: Late, Extra-Quirky Edition

Tomorrow Will Not Exist...

Orangutans to Video Chat

SL Letter of the Day: The Best Laid Plans

The Alternate Universe We All Live In Now

Facebook, Occupied

Happiest Hour: Loretta's Northwesterner

That Seems Really Unhygienic to Me

Perry's Anti-Santorum Ad

Give Me a Million Branches

Jon Huntsman's Anti-Ron Paul TV Ad Is Pretty Damning

Moore Award: Polls Closing Soon!

Noontime Quikster: Newt and the Chocolate Factory

Let's Play Let's Pretend

Turns Out, Kucinich Doesn't Love Washington, After All

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