Charles posted this fucking brilliant ad—which features Mugabe as the last dictator standing—on Tuesday:

Now Nandos, a fast-food chicken restaurant based in South Africa, has pulled the ad because it's afraid of reprisals to its employees in Zimbabwe, where making fun of the head of state is a crime.


Nando's South Africa said it decided to act after receiving threats to its staff in Zimbabwe from a youth group loyal to Mr Mugabe...

"We've noted with concern the political reaction emanating out of Zimbabwe, including perceived threats against Nando's Zimbabwe's management, staff and customers," Nando's South Africa said in a statement.

"We feel strongly that this is the prudent step to take in a volatile climate and believe that no TV commercial is worth risking the safety of Nando's staff and customers."

Still, they made their point. And whoever's behind the Nandos ads is a master of delicate comedy in the age of globalization—running right up to the edge of a taboo, tapping it, and backing off at just the right moment. Here's one they did for Ramadan: