SLOG IS SO GREAT! In less than two weeks of the Slog vs. Gawker Holiday Charity Challenge, Slog has proven its AWESOMENESS by raising $9865 more for charity than Gawker, all of it going directly to feed hungry people at Northwest Harvest.

Who will be the awesome person to put us over $10,000? Perhaps you would like this Real Playable Electronic Guitar Shirt we have here! Try to be the one to make the ten-grand-topping donation and send your receipt to, and you can absolutely come pick it up! It has not been played nor worn!

Meanwhile, the randomly selected winner of yesterday's prizea Very Vancouver Xmas, including a two-night stay at the Hyatt in Vancouver, B.C. as well as some time in Santa’s Living Room, hella elves, a dancing show, gingerbread-house-looking-at, choirs-hearing, a ride on the candy-cane express train (TOOT TOOT!), thousands of glowing lights in their eyeballs, and more—is Slog commenter E.B.yerdmeh. Shine up that passport and congrats, E.B.yerdmeh!

Be an elf, yourself! Let's keep giving!

P.S. A Very Beary Holiday Happy Hour at Diesel last night was simply great. We're working on a post with photos—someone send one with the special guest bear! Preposterously, we have none.)

P.P.S. You can still get your AWESOME PERSON commenter tag! Just give to Northwest Harvest right now—whatever amount you can afford—and then forward us your receipt (and be sure to tell us your handle and/or the email address your account is registered under). Because you are awesome for helping.