Last night's annual holiday Slog party was very fun: Lots of schlong decked the walls, the drinks were strong, and the Fnarf bedpan made its annual return in the Polar Bear Gift Exchange! (Thanks for the Muddy Bears, kind of, MacCrocodile!)

An extra dose of thankings-for-comings to our special guests Joey Veltkamp, Keith Bacon, the Seattle Quake Rugby Football Club (hi, Honey Bear!), and THE ACTUAL BEAR (who has a picture? Weirdly, we don't! Too much excitement?! Send one in!)!

And extra EXTRA special thanks to Mike, the co-owner of Diesel for the awesome spread of food and for just being awesome. Meatballs! Pumpkin pie bites! Cookies! Your dad and your sister are just the greatest, too. HEARTS.

More pictures after the jump, courtesy of Mr. Herriman.

  • maccrocodile

Nicholas getting the Fnarf bedpan!
  • Nicholas getting the Fnarf bedpan!

Joey Veltkamp
  • Joey Veltkamp

  • Alithea!

Lissa and Outercow
  • Lissa and Outercow

HyzenthlayK9 and Baconcat.
  • HyzenthlayK9 and Baconcat.