Just yesterday we announced that Slog readers have raised over $10,000 for Northwest Harvest, and donations just keep coming in. In fact, we're just a few hundred dollars away from $12,000!

After consulting the experts, we have concluded that the wonderful person who pushed us over $10,000 is Alicia who, if you can believe it, doesn't yet have a Slog account. But she's making one tonight! So her Awesome Person tag won't go to waste. Congrats, Alicia! You win this musical t-shirt!

And now, with $11,690 down, will you consider donating a few (or many!) dollars to get us to $12,000? 100% of your money goes to a really great cause.

Once you donate, send your receipt and your Slog handle to and we'll give you an Awesome Person tag, too. Yay!