Well, this sure isn't the talk you want to hear out of the Republican frontrunner:

Newt Gingrich on Wednesday equated the United States’ understanding of what will be a “long struggle with radical Islam” to where the country stood with the Soviet Union just after World War II, on the eve of a cold war that would dominate American foreign policy for more than four decades.

Because Cold War II is just what America needs right now. Even more worrisome: Jake Tapper quotes Gingrich as saying that if he becomes president, "If he will accept it, I will ask John Bolton to be Secretary of State.” Here's what I wrote about John Bolton, when he was toying with a run for president:

Back in 2005, George W. Bush thought it would be hee-larious to appoint John Bolton, a United Nations–hating hawk, as the US representative to the United Nations. Bush assigned Bolton to the seat when the Senate was on break, and his UN career ended in 2006, when he realized he would never get past a real Senate confirmation hearing and resigned...[Bolton is] a Muslim-hating xenophobe who would blow up the entire planet if you gave him a half second's access to the nuke launch codes...He recently equated the Obama administration to "indigestion." Thankfully, his base consists of 12 lunatic Islamophobic bloggers including Pamela "Atlas Shrugs" Geller.

Seriously, Bolton is terrible. He believes that America is preordained by God to show the world how to live, and he can't even conceal his hatred of Islam. He is not the person we want to send out into the world to represent us, and Gingrich listing him as his leading choice for Secretary of State is incredibly frightening.