Now we have raised $26,725.21 for Northwest Harvest, helping get food to lots of hungry people! This is fantastic.

Now for a SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME PRIZE OFFER! Contribute (any amount counts!) to the Slog vs. Gawker Holiday Charity Challenge between now and 5 p.m., then forward your receipt to, and you will be entered to win BOTH a $50 gift certificate to Grim's AND dinner with Dan Savage. (These offers cannot be combined, as Dan Savage will be choosing the restaurant, appetizers, entrees, dessert, and alcohol for the dinner with him. Fun!)

We'll choose the Grim's winner after 5 p.m., and dinner with Dan Savage will be awarded around noon tomorrow! Give, give, give to Northwest Harvest to help the hungry NOW—the Slog vs. Gawker Holiday Charity Challenge ends on Saturday!