We have a winner! For the $50 gift certificate to Grim's, that is. And the winner is Michael A. Congratulations! Get the Bangkok PB sandwich. It's real good.

There is also still time to donate and enter to win DINNER WITH DAN SAVAGE! What does Dan Savage like to eat (besides stale cake)? Does he tuck his napkin into his shirt? Does he ask for water with no ice? YOU CAN KNOW ALL THESE ANSWERS!

Just go here to donate to Northwest Harvest and forward your receipt to A winner will be chosen and announced tomorrow at noon. Here are more details. HURRY!

If you want to get your "AWESOME PERSON" tag, be sure to tell us your Slog name when you forward the receipt.

We've brought in over $26,000 so far. Incredible! But we only have a couple more days to go, so let's see how much more we can get!