HEY EVERYBODY! We've now raised $29,067.21 for Northwest Harvest, helping so much food get to so many hungry people! Three hundred and ninety-four people have donated (though probably some twice, because that's how awesome you are), meaning the average donation (if my mathology serves, and Fnarf will correct me if I am wrong) is about $74. SO SUPER GREAT.

We've got 24 hours left. We can break $30,000! Let's do it! Contribute to the Slog vs. Gawker Holiday Charity Challenge! It's not too late to become an AWESOME PERSON with the tag to prove it, either; just forward your receipt (with your handle) to

Oh, and the winner of dinner with Dan Savage? Alex O. (a vegetarian!).

Give, give, give to Northwest Harvest to help the hungry NOW—the Slog vs. Gawker Holiday Charity Challenge ends tomorrow at noon! Happy h-days! You are each and every one of you an elf-angel!!!