"Minnesota for Marriage is now posting Google ads asking if marriage should be between one man and one woman," writes Slog tipper Emily. "But when you click the poll link it brings you to this survey."


The folks behind Minnesota for [Some Marriages, Not for Others] don't seem to think much of fathers:

By encouraging men and women to marry, society helps ensure that children will be known by and cared for by their biological parents. Whenever a child is born, her mother will almost always be nearby. But the same cannot always be said of her father. Men, especially, are encouraged to take responsibility for their children through the institution of marriage.

Straight women, who are usually nearby during birth, don't need to be encouraged to take responsibility for their children. Straight men, on the other hand, are assholes and cads who could give a shit about their children—but, hey, toss in a bachelor party, a wedding registry, and some cake and straight men are much likelier to stick around for the decade or two it takes to raise those kids. (And you thought they just hated gay people.)

Remember: marriage is about children... which is why marriage licenses are denied to the elderly, infertile, and childless-by-choice.