Rick Santorum:

“This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been in tough races,” said the former Pennsylvania senator. “I’ve had the national media crawling up anywhere they could crawl . . . . It’s not going to be fun.”

Nope, Santorum never is fun, though santorum may be the by-product of fun.

But once again, Rick is uninformed:

Referring to his years in Congress, Santorum said his track record is “not perfect, and I’m sure you’ll hear from my friends about my warts. We all have them.”

No, only 80% of sexually active adults have HPV (the cause of . . . one sort of warts) and most people are asymptomatic. Why mix santorum and warts? Ask him, not me.

He also said something we can all surely agree with:

“I may have held my nose” because there were “bad things” in spending measures . . . .

Well, it takes a measure of spending to create santorum (or so I hear) but holding one's nose is just impolite.