I just finally found out about this meme that's been running around for the last month or so: "Shit Girls Say," which started as a surprisingly spot-on Twitter feed. It's really just a list of sentences that are often spoken by women. (Samples: "I hate the word 'moist'" and "Are we in a fight?" and "Lindsay, Matt's girlfriend, or Lindsay from yoga?") Simple, and somehow effective as shit at making me laugh. Then they made a series of YouTube videos, and then so did everyone and their sister/brother/grandma/dental hygienist. There was "Shit Black Girls Say," and a million dumb ones, and now—currently blowing up on the Facebook—the truly excellent "Shit White Girls Say... to Black Girls." For your viewing pleasure:

A lot of people find the original and/or its various incarnations not funny and/or offensive (the original was done by dudes, it uses the word "girls" instead of "women," etc.). But this one is pretty unimpeachably awesome.