Chickensaurus v. Ancient Kraken!
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  • Chickensaurus v. Ancient Kraken!
First, as we enumerate our regrets for the past year, I regret that my favorite paleontological story of 2011 turned out to be junk science. I would like to apologize for the Kraken Debacle. I promise that, as we embrace the promise of 2012, I will not hastily throw up a link without checking for corroborating material just because the headline seems awesome. Also I'd like to apologize for the fact that giant krakens didn't make art from dinosaur bones, even though it's not my fault, because that would be awesome. Stupid krakens.

In related news, my favorite scientifically-sound paleontological story of 2011 is undoubtedly Jack Horner's chickensaurus project. You can trust I will continue to post any progress, and will let you know the second we are each able to have our own pet dinosaur. Squeeeee!!!

And just because we all love polls: