"What if we reworked the rhyme scheme so that your lines come to multiple feminine endings?"


This is stupid and I will kill any man who tries it on me.
I love the cat/comma joke!!!
If you fix that comma joke quckly I promise to delete this comment, if only I could.
I was an English grad student, and these barely made me crack a smile. Poorly played, Hollie Adams.
Cat/Comma Joke for the win!!

Love the cat/comma joke, but shouldn't it be: "A cat has *claws* at the end of its *paws*, and a comma is a pause at the end of a clause."?
@4: This as good a time as any to finally tell you, Leek: The grad students in all the other departments, arts AND sciences, agree that the grad students in the English department have the worst sense of humor. Weird: there's so much humor in literature, and so little in those who study it for a living (instead of reading it for fun).
Eric: Ha! As if any grad students in any department can really lay claim to a sense of humor. It's been beaten out of them early on.

At any rate, I've been out of school for 9 years, so I've recovered enough to accurately assess the humor here. Negligible.
Leek: Congrats on your recovery. You're right the link in question isn't the most hilarious thing ever. On the same site there's this http://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/im-co… which I like better. Comic Sans finally stands up to the haters.
I hate this.
@3 & 6: Yes, duh, of course. DAMN IT! Fixed.
You have a pluperfect associative adjective.
Uh, this shit is hilarious. Two or three were lame/obvious, but the rest both made me laugh and made me nostalgic for grad school parties.