Today's the day the MLA Conference lands in Seattle, which means that right now, there are so, so many language nerds in Seattle. And where you find language nerds, you also find an overpowering desire to get very drunk. That's why the New York Review of Books is hosting a free, open meetup tonight at the Sorrento Hotel's fireside room starting at 5:30.

You don't have to attend the MLA in order to go get drunk with NYRB tonight; in fact, I'm willing to bet they'd welcome anyone who enjoys booze, books, and the occasional debate/fistfight over grammar. It should be a fun time, with any number of sexy-librarian-looking folks enjoying the ambiance and looking for tips on how best to enjoy Seattle. Go and give them a warm welcome on behalf of the city; it's easy to not be shy when you know every other person there is a book nerd, too.