The Die Hard franchise is probably my favorite film franchise of all time. Not probably. Certainly. (It was Indiana Jones up until the fourth movie happened and then my heart broke and I still haven't recovered.) I fucking love all Die Hards. Even the fourth one, Live Free or Die Hard, despite that smarmy little Justin Long's involvement. (But Timothy Olyphant? Yum.)

I am also stoked they're making a fifth Die Hard. LONG LIVE JOHN McCLANE.

What I can't fucking stand, though, is when I declare my love for Die Hard and whatever jerk I'm talking to responds with "And Lethal Weapon, too!"

NO. NOT LETHAL WEAPON, TOO. The Lethal Weapon movies are stupid and Mel Gibson is an idiot. He's always been an idiot, even before the anti-Semitic/misogynistic ranting. A love for Die Hard does not make for a love of Lethal Weapon. In fact, you are either a Die Hard person or a Lethal Weapon person. (You could also be a romantic comedy person, in which case, you bore me.) I don't care which came first because Die Hard did it better and continues to do it better. Even in the second one, where the writers were trying way too hard to make every line out of Bruce Willis mouth into a poster tagline.

But some recent action movie-related conversations have taught me that not everyone feels the same way. I'm as surprised as you are. The only way this can be solved is with an official Slog poll.