And... I turned off the radio. Not going to listen to Mitt Romney's speech.

Tell it to Detroit, Mitt, and Osama bin Laden.

UPDATE: Okay, turned the radio back on. Shorter Romney: EUROPE TOTALLY SUCKS ASS!

Mitt Romney haaaaaaaaaaaates Europe. It's the worst! And Barack Obama is destroying America by trying to make it more like awful, terrible, lousy Europe, which Romney haaaaaaaaaaaates. EUROPE SUCKS ASS! So, um, why are we defending Europe with the "overwhelming military superiority" that Romney praises? Why aren't we pulling our soldiers out of Europe, per Ron Paul, if Europe sucks so much? And when Mitt says he will "stand with our friends," what does he mean? He means Europe, right? All those other western democracies? Isn't that what presidential candidates mean when they talk about "standing with our friends"?

I'm confused.

UPDATE 2: Andrew Sullivan:

Does Romney know that unemployment in Germany is 5.5 percent? Or is all this just abstract bullshit?

My money's on bullshit.