A program offering free meals to homeless people outside is in jeopardy. From the Operation Sack Lunch website:

Mayor McGinn and his new Seattle Human Service Director from Atlanta, Georgia, Danette Smith, have decided to close this invaluable resource to our entire community on 02/29/2012. The reason for this closure? Ms. Smith has told the outdoor meal providers that although we are well meaning, it is undignified, inhumane, and disrespectful to serve hungry people in an outside setting. These citizens, most of whom are unable to access a nutritional meal with more conventional means, will be forced to go back to dumpsters for leftover food. Ms. Smith has not accepted our invitation to serve with us at the site, nor will she speak with the people whom she will be denying lifesaving food.

OSL reportedly feeds about 200 homeless people a day and 6,000 different people per year. They're asking for your help contacting the mayor's office and city council so the city will reconsider. There's more from them here.

UPDATE at 5:00 PM: I've sent two requests this afternoon to the mayor's office seeking comment, but I haven't heard anything back. I'll post more when I hear more.