Two things: It's not that we are all immigrants in America, with the distinction only being between those who were forced here and those who came here of their own free will. Fleeing poverty or war or persecution is not leaving a country of your own free will. The bad situation, what ever it may be, is forcing you to depart. Mexicans do not come to the US because it's such a cool place; it's because they have to, are forced to, and risk lives and dignity to. The Irish of the 19th century were in much the same situation. The ancestors of many Americans were forced to come here, one way or another. So, it is a question of what forced you to this country.

Secondly, I hate it when immigrants, in reference to black Americans, go on about how their parents or grandparents were not lazy, how they came to this country and broke their backs to make ends meet. True, those noble people worked hard for very little pay, but a little pay is still infinitely more (financially and spiritually) than getting paid nothing for hard work. And slavery did not happen a very long, long, so long time ago. This isn't deep history. It happened fairly recently. Even I was born in a segregated hospital; born in the section for black Africans only. Before that, my great-grandmother saw the first white person on Christmas Pass. 40 years before that, black Americans were picking cotton for nothing.