After a week of speculation, DC Comics unveiled their new logo today in a press release. (You can read more about it, including what it might mean for the rumored Watchmen sequel series, at at Bleeding Cool.) It's a "D" peeled back from a "C," with an eye toward animation on digital and cartoon properties. Here are a few details, from photos provided by DC Comics:


The new logo makes a little more sense when shown on a comic book. It's positioned at the very edge:


The fans, as usual, have met the news of change with wild outrage. Their arguments—that the logo is bland and corporate, that you can't tell it's supposed to be a D on top of the C, that logos shouldn't have 3D elements in them—do make some sense. Myself, I'm a fan of the DC bullet logo, although that could very well be just because it's the logo that was on the books while I was growing up. So how do we settle this internet controversy? Even though this has been a day replete with Slog polls, I think there's only one way to bring this matter to a legally binding conclusion: