A Letter to Undecided State Senator Mary Margaret Haugen About a Dad and His Boyfriend


And don't neglect to write Fain and Hill, while you're at it. Republicans though they are, they are also young, and possibly more likely than Haugen to provide that critical vote.
Even though they've apparently sworn to vote NO on marriage equality and are beyond being swayed, how about letters to the two anti-marriage, reactionary Democrats (Tim Sheldon of Kitsap County and James Hargrove of the Olympic Peninsula) politely expressing disappointment and a deep sense of betrayal? Even—and perhaps especially—if the measure squeaks by, just to remind them they were on the wrong side of progress in civil rights.
Wow Brittany,

Imagine how cool it would be if your mom and dad could marry multiple partners!

You could have scored DOZENS of step-siblings!

Why don't we all fight for true marriage "equality" that lets EVERYONE marry the people they love, and not pretend that the marriage variant favored by yuppie white homosexuals is the only kind of marriage there is.....
What a heartfelt, respectful letter. Thank you, Brittany.
Very sweet letter, kudos to Brittany.
Senator, I must respectfully disagree with your decision to support the same-sex marriage legislation. It is not up to the state to redefine marriage. Please consider the following.