That Woman Who Said She Would Gay-Marry a Warehouse?


She came and looked at a room at my house once. It didn't happen, but she was pretty cool. Glad she could finally find happiness and love in her life!
This pinhead wants to stop gentrification on Capitol hill? Build a time machine and go back to 1999. Capitol Hill might as well be Queen Anne Hill now. Go down to Hillman City if you want to fight gentrification.

Utter fucking stupidity.
@1, I'm guessing she wanted a house that offered more publicity.
I'm just so glad she could find some happiness again. When she lost the McGuire Apartments, we thought it was over for her.
I met her at the City Hall open house on Saturday. She seems like a nice young lady. You know what they say, though: Marry in haste, repent at leisure.

Much more boorish, in my opinion, were the protesters at the event. A shining example of "the community's" total lack of humor and over-developed sense of self-importance.
Weren't these the people who were sobbing over the Bank of America building being torn down because they bizarrely considered it "historic"?
That's so GAY!
I saw her taking her wedding dress off at Caffe Vita yesterday. I don't know why she thought the middle of a coffee shop was an appropriate place to undress.
Now if we can just get the marriage-equality bigots to use CHS-blog's celebratory asterisks around the word marriage instead of troll-quotes. Baby steps, people.
I hear they're registered at Barns & Nobles.
And you couldn't be down there to report this yourself because...?

(copy/paste of an article from someone who actually showed up is not journalism)
from Jezebel: Objectum Sexuality: When Relationships W… "Objectum Sexuals - they call themselves
"OS people - believe their love with the objects are reciprocal and that they can telepathically communicate with them.
Amy Wolf is in love with a fairground ride called 1001 Nacht, for which she writes poetry. Based on appearances, she seems like an out-and-proud lesbian, but has no interest in humans. She also loves a church banister, a banister in her home, and the Empire State building."

@8 Maybe the groom's traditional culture requires a virginity test for the bride.
I guess we'll find out once she's filled the place with a hundred cats.
The irony is that it is precisely people like her who constitute the first wave of gentrification.