Reality Check has an exhaustive article on Komen, its rabidly pink-ribbon waving, anti-choice staff and board members, and the dirty politics and hypocritical justifications behind the breast-cancer monolith's decision to defund Planned Parenthood's breast cancer screenings. It is an absolute must read:

While anti-choicers including those on Komen's board are spreading lies, Komen's steps will ensure that more women who might have been screened will now lack access to early detection and treatment and may die from breast cancer. This is in keeping with a general and patently insane approach of the anti-choice movement: Decry abortion, for example, but limit funding for contraceptive education and supplies which can prevent the unintended pregnancies that lead to abortion. Decry the plight of minority women, but make their access to care increasingly limited. Cry for the "babies," but defund pre- and post-natal care, nutritional support, and other forms of life and health care for infants and mothers. It is a venal and disgusting strategy that until now I would have thought well beneath the Komen Foundation no matter other issues.

But Komen as an organization now appears so little able to stand the truth that it is deleting comments from its website protesting the policy change. And this is not the first time Komen has come under fire for misinformation or questionable affiliations. Some point to concerns about Komen's influence on a recent Institute of Medicine report playing down environmental factors in breast cancer, and its close affiliation with many companies that manufacture products using cancer-causing agents.

Cancer screening and prevention comprises 17 percent of Planned Parenthood's services; abortion makes up less than three percent. A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, speaking anonymously, says, "We requested meetings with the Komen board and they were not at all responsive... we know that some local Komen affiliates are unhappy with the decision, but this is obviously coming down from the national level, so their hands are tied."

In other news, Daily Kos is running a campaign to tell Komen what sorry sacks of shit they are; join in the fun over here!

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