They look like a pretty bland bunch. But based on last night's wonderful, heartfelt gay marriage vote speeches, I now know that our state senators include:

- a son of a gay man

- a woman in an interracial marriage

- a majority leader whose sister is in a big gay relationship

- a straight Republican who thinks gay marriage is conservative

- a conservative Democrat who loves his gay army buddies so much that he'll vote against the will of his district for them

- a gay Roman Catholic in an LTR without children

- and a straight pot activist who can't figure out how the gays could possibly hurt her marriage

I love sharing time in the state senate!

(And I know I'm not an elected official or anything, but here's an idea: Maybe if you state legislators opened up about your families—and your feelings, and your lives as they're actually lived—more often, we wouldn't have to wait so long for this kind of progress.)