A pastor who—I presume—isn't affiliated with Mars Hill put up a post on The Broken Telegraph about "church discipline," as well as a partial answer to the question I posed in this story about Mars Hill Church and its way of exercising "church discipline": When does submission to a pastor's human authority go too far?

He/she writes:

We’re called to hold each other accountable because, if we’re going to wear the t-shirt that says we belong to Jesus, we need to help each other look like Jesus.

This is, of course, precisely where the rub comes because without severe limitations on this action, we run the risk of becoming the Taliban, both in our levels of scrutiny, and punishment, and hypocrisy. Unrestricted control of fallen people, in the name of ‘discipline’ doesn’t just turn people off from a particular local church - it turns people off to Christ. For that reason, the misuse of discipline needs to be held up to the light of scripture and exposed.

The pastor posted anonymously, which is too bad: An argument has so much more force when the arguer shows the courage of his convictions in public. But it's a start.

And it's a start for Christians who don't want to abdicate their reputations to loudmouths—behind the pulpit, on the campaign trail, wherever—who do not, in fact, represent them.