By now you've probably heard about the three mushroom pickers, who, after lost in the woods for six days, were so hungry they almost ate their dog:

Dan Conne said Sunday from his hospital bed in Gold Beach that he and his wife and son spent the nights huddled in a hollow log with nothing to eat, and considered sacrificing their pit bull, Jesse, for food.

"She's that good a dog, she'd have done it, too," Conne said.

Well, you know, nearly anything slow cooked with onions is delicious. But, it's not like they were entirely without food.

Dan Conne said he tried to eat a hedgehog mushroom while in the forest but found it "nasty."

So, um, they got lost in the woods collecting edible hedgehog and black trumpet mushrooms for resale, but rather than eat those to survive, they considered eating their dog, because they found the mushrooms too "nasty"...?

To be clear, they lacked the tools or skills to start a fire, but they'd rather eat dog sashimi over raw mushrooms.