Enjoy ace-difference-noticer Aaron Shepherd's list o' differences after the jump.

1) In the first photo, notice the eye of the horse. It appears to be open and glancing forward. But now look at the second photo, in the same area. Curiously, there is no eye there at all, but rather, a big pile of light bulbs.

2) Look at the lower left leg of the horse in photo 1. There’s a dark shadow on the inside leg. But now look at photo 2. Where there should be a darker shadow on the leg is, in fact, a big pile of light bulbs.

3) Notice the horse’s tail in the first photo. The hairs are long and dark. But in the second photo, look at where the hairs should be - instead of hairs, there is the white gleam of a light bulb.

4) In photo 1, observe the horses snout. Just at the tip, a light and faint cloud is seen in the sky. Now look at the second photo. Squint your eyes. The cloud isn’t there at all. What there is, is a pig ol’ pile of light bulbs.

5) In the first photo, check out the green grass – there’s a bunch of daisies in the grass. Count the daisies. Take the time – it’s worth it. There are 92 total daisies. Now count the daisies in the second photo. There are zero. Because instead, there’s a big fuckin’ pile of light bulbs. This one’s tough – if you’re having trouble seeing the difference, try blinking a few times.