Former NFL Star and Current Pastor Ken Hutcherson: "The only reason I played football was so I could hurt white people legally."


Wow. I just... It doesn't even... I mean...

I just want to know why the Feminist Killjoys at DSHS weren't doing their job when they let those two boys get immolated. Too much time spent making t-shirts and male bashing on their website I guess.

Oh, and what gender was the parent that killed them?
And now he's got a license to *gay-bash* with the approval of a whole community. Good for you, Pastor Hutch!
If there is a referendum in the fall and he is on their campaign, then the pro gay marriage side should make tv ads with him saying that and air them in rural parts of the state.

What a racist homophobic bigot.
Average life expectancy of NFL players is 53-59. Hutch is 60.
that's probably the least offensive thing i've read from that guy.
That's fine. I am certain lots of whites played to hurt blacks legally too. Ken Hutcherson played in 22 games over 2 years for his career. I am guessing he wasn't very good at it.

@2 What's the matter Bailo? Upset that women have the temerity to not let you rape them?
And the only reason he's religious is so he can hurt gay people morally? By which I mean, with the justification of a moldy book of nonsense he claims is divine?
That comment and his vicious personal attack on Rep. Jaime Pedersen makes one wonder how he can call himself a man of God.
Two jackasses...the christianist bigot jackass Hutcherson and the garden variety jerkoff jackass @ 2.
Please someone explain to him that this same-sex marriage thing is optional.
Is he one of those black people who mistakenly think that gayness is a white thing?
For those who don't want to wade though this asshole's testimony, please let me provide the abstract of Reverend Ken Hutcherson's remarks:
"I have always been an asshole. I still am an asshole. I will always be an asshole."
In Hutch's world, you get extra points if you come to jebus after being a really bad mofo. So he's actually crowing about the strength of his Christian credentials.

Of course, in Hutch's world, it's also just fine to be a homophobic bigot of the worst order.
I've said it elsewhere, and I'll say it here. I'm not sure if that's a sociopathic admission, or just psychopathic (I'm leaning towards the latter, but I'm no mental health professional), but either way, that's f'n sad.
I have heard this story from Hutch in almost exactly these same words before. He loves to tell this story. I have no idea why. Maybe he thinks it gives him some kind of credibility.
@12: No, don't! I want to see him in a white dress.
There is a dread, despised word that was coined for the folks like the Reverend.... say, what's up with those earrings???
Ken Hutcherson has made a career of this. Bigotry pays handsomely.
The idea that Hutch has enough followers to fill a huge megachurch scares me. This redeemed racist schtick works for these sheep ? How sad for the east side. Sad sad
Same-sex marriage will become legal in the not too distant future. Do not demonize the opposition.

Sen. Ed Murray was right about not hating. What the pastor needs is love. There is quite a bit of self-loathing in his speech. He obviously grew up in a very brutal environment and that has helped define who he is.

Although he is the spokesperson for SFM, do not become too focused on him. He is his own worst debating partner. Based on voting results from R-71, the real opposition comes from the more rural parts of the state, so talk to your neighbors outside the city. Real opposition also comes from national anti-equality organizations such the National Organization for Marriage. They are well funded and are a lot more media savy.
I'd hesitate to harp too much on that comment alone without context - don't get me wrong, the guy's despicable; however, that line reads writequite possibly like a build-up to a "how I've grown, now I just hate gays," and spring about it in isolation runs the risk of losing any appearance of consistency re: things like the Shirley Sherrod affair...