How bad was the public relations and political fallout from Susan G. Komen for the Cure's Pink Handguns, Inc.'s disastrous decision to pull Planned Parenthood funding, and subsequent reversal? Senior vice president (and former GOP gubernatorial candidate) Karen Handel, the woman who reportedly orchestrated the Planned Parenthood defunding, has resigned.

Good riddance.

But from the tone of her resignation letter, obtained by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Handel doesn't appear to be going quietly:

I am deeply disappointed by the gross mischaracterizations of the strategy, its rationale, and my involvement in it. I openly acknowledge my role in the matter and continue to believe our decision was the best one for Komen’s future and the women we serve.

Handel has declined a severance package, which might have come with a gag order. She's scheduled to meet with reporters later today.

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