The clit of Lynn Schirmer.
  • Courtesy Lynn Schirmer
  • The clit of Lynn Schirmer.

Seattle artist Lynn Schirmer today announced a new project called After Dinner Party. The title is a reference to Judy Chicago's early feminist masterwork The Dinner Party, which is on long-term display at the heart of the Elizabeth Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum. The Dinner Party is a vagina thing. After Dinner Party is clitoral, a body part that's inherently more politicized, more feared, more misunderstood, more ignored, more attacked, more everythinged. It's time to clitoralize.

At this point, After Dinner Party is just a web site—but one with drawings of the clitoris that already make you remember its shape when you close your eyes. (I did not already have a 3D projection of the clitoris in my brain; maybe you did.)

The project has two upcoming (ahem, upcoming) phases, set to begin during Pioneer Square's First Thursday Art Walk in May:

At present, After Dinner Party consists of two kinds of activities: a curated art exhibit and celebration; and a loosely coordinated series of individual and/or mass public actions. The form and scope of the second portion is entirely dependent upon the energy and creativity of participants. The goal is to represent the shape of the clitoris, in as many art forms and in as many venues or public spaces as possible, all over the city.

You've really gotta check this out.