The Trashcans of the Future


That would revolutionize smart-phone service in urban environments. Low-cost data plans that require high percentage of use on wi-fi networks would skyrocket.
Well if they work well in London, then Seattle will need to buy 2,000 of them.
Why not use all those parking meters for the same thing?
I think you mean FORMER wi-fi trashcan hotspots, after vandals destroy them all. Or someone figures out how to display hardcore torture or animal porn on the adjacent LCD screens.

Because there's certainly nothing else interesting London could use the money on. Might as well throw it all away. They're probably going to tear down their big stadium afterwards too.
Is the wi-fi functionality also bomb proof?
Those probably will do little more than provide CCTV operators with something more destructive to watch that usual.
Hotspots are easy, the hard part is getting the city to invest in a network good enough to support all the traffic. The problem with public wifi isn't access points, it's bandwidth.
Fuck the future. What about poor people, homeless people, and the downwardly mobile middle-class do you idiots not get? What a great fucking idea spending millions on trashcans. Carry on gents, I salute you.
@8, well, if the wi-fi still works when the poor have built a fire in the trash can to stay warm, you've killed two birds with one stone! Healing the digital divide (sorry about only these hard paving stones to sleep on).
Paul, this America and if they do it in Europe we can't do it here.
I'm not sure if the plan made it far, but wasn't Seattle parks trying to get rid of trash cans, instead opting for signs that requested that you "pack it out"?