We Have Winners!


Super. Bummed. :(
Is there any chance that we losers will have an opportunity to purchase such shirts in the future? Such purchases could / should be tied to Planned Parenthood donations, of course, but the fact is that the public wants to proudly show our feminist killjoy nature, and doesn't want to have to just rip off the idea and make our own shirts.
@1, sorry you're bummed!

@2, the problem is finding time and funding. We, as writers for The Stranger, are not in the t-shirt business. We do not have money or time to make t-shirts, especially on a large scale. We were able to offer these shirts because they were generously donated to us by ooshirts.com, and the timing was right.

That said, both Alithea (the brains behind the shirts) and I would like to make more of them if/when the opportunity presents itself.
yay that's me! how do I get my shirt? I'm but sort of afraid I missed the boat somehow...I emailed you guys but haven't heard. no hurry though.