George Will Puts One Foot in the Realm of Making Sense


You mean "... 'Puts' (no apostrophe) One Foot..."???
His name is George Will Put?
Republicans are useless. Their congress is proof of that. We don't want their hateful "culture wars" and we don't want their real wars, either.
And while we're add it, I recommend against trying to use "efficacious." It makes your otherwise solid post sound like an example in a word-a-day calendar.
Say you were a bully that had beaten on pretty much every kid in the schoolyard. Would you think it smart to stop working out?
@5: maybe you could take a few less steroids.

military = jerbs. what else would "the troops" do? it is, and has always been, our largest welfare program.
Efficacious is a perfectly cromulent word.
well, they do seem to still enjoy kicking around LGBT folks...I hope that doesn't last much longer either
Lunch breaks, apparently....
What's left for the GOP to attack? Well there's always good old black folks... or 'blacks on welfare'. That's a standard tune from the Repub catalogue that always works well.
So, what's left for the GOP to attack?

Pussy countries like Liechtenstein and Togo. Exert that military imperialism, war profiteers!
@10 Don't forget Mexicans!
and of course, us fags. but we're standard targets for them on any day that ends with Y.
10) amen.
And, of course, Republicans were against intervention in Libya, even though that didn't require full-scale engagement with ground troops.

Actually, maybe that was the problem. They'll only cheer a war when our troops are dying.
@15: The issue there was that Obama was going to get credit for handling the problem quickly and efficiently with a minimum of casualties and expenditure. When a Democrat is in the White House, you'd be surprised how quickly the Republicans can turn into peaceniks and deficit hawks through their incessant naysaying.
@7 Thank you for that.
If the leaders of our military were patriots they would offer to cut their budgets, or volunteer their resources to shore up the budget holes int the programs that make America worth defending; like public education, health care, and infrastructure. They don't love their country, they love giving our money to contractors that will make them millionaires after they retire from the military.
The Pentagon is a huge life support system for depravity itself.