Now Open on Capitol Hill: Regent Cafe & Bakery


Thanks for the link, but would it have killed you to include the actual address, including cross street, in the actual post?
Had lunch there today. Very good. I was mostly curious before they opened, but after one trip I'm really excited about this addition to the neighborhood's options.
Okay, 14th and Pine. I passed by it Sunday and saw help wanted signs. I noticed the place had empty shelves and wondered about it. I'll have to check it out.
I find their lack of pork buns disturbing.
@4 they are just getting going give them time... Hands down the best Chinese food on the hill
Thank God! I've been traveling to the Eastside for the last 4-5 years to purchase their sweets. Finally, they made it!!
A severely welcome addition!!!
@1: If you had bothered to check out the links in the article you'd see that it's at 1404 E Pine St. It even says in the article "at a former Online Coffee" location.
Honestly, once people experience this place, there will be a line out the door. Their cakes and breads are wonderful.
*sigh* Yet another reason to miss Seattle...
Meh, Remo Borracchini's will forever be the best fucking cakes in Seattle.
Wait, where was it mentioned in Portal?
The food was just ok. The owner was not really friendly...Is it a Seattle thing bad attitude. I'm a food critic. I look for good to excellent service.. I didnt get the young lady's name but I had to ask for several untensils. Maybe she tried. She did have a smile the whole time...she was pleasant but not trained well unprofessional. One of the owners had the nerve to ask me how was the food...I told him in was ok..he says ok... and I said yes it was just ok. I'm use to great hospitality, great food, and great service. The young lady could have gotten a $20.00 dollar tip. They say black people dont tip; yes they do when they are treated with great hospitality. We dont ask for much..just treat us the way you would want to be treated. Its only righteous. Im not from here I exspect the best. Well but I wonder why. Get it together you might have something there. Butwhen you dont want a certain race of people there these people know how to give shitty service. Wish you all well. NEXT.....!