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  • Kelly O
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Pictured—Betsy Hansen. She dressed up like a slice of pizza one night at the Sunset Tavern during a show and people laughed till they cried. Betsy's a been a smiling face in the Seattle music scene for a long time. She’s married to Johnny Samra and together they own Radar Hair and Records in the SODO. She’s in local band the Blank-Its, and she's a whiz with a pair of scissors and a head of hair. Betsy was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in early December, and as a struggling small business owner, she is without health insurance—a good candidate for a Soup & Bread event.

Soup & Bread's setup: Local chefs, artists, musicians, and other notables each donate a pot of soup, bakeries donate their bread, you bring cash to make a donation to a worthy cause, and everyone eats. (Seattle native Martha Bayne started S&B in Chicago; now she takes it on the road, and there's also a new cookbook.) Tonight, the soup comes from Sitka & Spruce, Taylor Shellfish, and many more, along with beer from Georgetown Brewing Company (yes!); then there's a show featuring the Coconut Coolouts and Pony Time. All the proceeds go to the Betsy Hansen Cancer Fund, to help out the beloved co-owner of Radar Hair and Records. Soup, bread, Coconuts, and helping—plus you'll "leave bolstered by the positive vibes emanating from your being."
Bring a spoon.

Soup & Bread: The Betsy Hansen Edition, Sunday Feb 12, 6 pm, 2724 1st Ave S, Ste A, 402-4549, all ages, free (suggested donation).