As one of the most high-profile gay rights advocates in the nation, Dan Savage is no stranger to taking the heat from conservative pundits. But now, as Towleroad has noted, a prominent "ex-gay" activist is calling for the "Savage Love" columnist's arrest due to his controversial "It Gets Better" anti-bullying campaign in support of LGBT youth.... It's been a rough few months for Savage, who was glitterbombed last fall twice by activists who feel he is transphobic. In addition, his well-publicized anti-Rick Santorum drive—in which he campaigned to change the definition of the word "Santorum" from the last name of the GOP candidate to a sexual neologism involving anal sex—has come under heavy criticism from Republican voters.

I don't see how coming "under heavy criticism from Republican voters" or having some rightwing, ex-gay, douchebigot "call for my arrest" constitutes "a rough few months" for me. I'm a liberal gay writer, HuffPo. I'd be more concerned if Republican voters were paying me elaborate compliments. And some ex-gay douchebigot calls for my arrest? That means I must be doing something right. And so long as the ex-gay douchebigot doesn't have the power to issue a warrant for my arrest—and he doesn't—his call for my arrest for the crime of founding the "It Gets Better" Project amounts to a transparently laughable bit of blame shifting. (Yeah, gay kids are killing themselves because there's way too much hope sloshing around on the Internet.)

And the "It Gets Better" Project is "controversial"? Only if you buy into the anti-gay talking points being promoted by homophobic douchebigots like Peter "Porno Pete" Lababera.

And what about the glitterbombers? Here's their beef with me: "He's part of a broader [group] of gay, white, cis-gendered, able-bodied gay men focused on gay-marriage priorities. We want to say those priorities are messed up."

So... yesterday Huffington Post celebrated a big victory for "gay-marriage priorities" in Washington state with banner headlines and multiple posts—it's still the top story on your "Gay Voices" section—while at the same time offering your implicit endorsement to idiots who are attacking me for pushing "gay-marriage priorities."

Taking heat from idiots—idiot Republican voters, idiot douchebigots, idiot activists—doesn't mean I'm having "a rough few months," HuffPo. It means I'm doing my job.