King County Assessor Lloyd Hara on What It's Like to Be the Guy Who Officially Said "No" to Gay Marriage Back in 1971


What a sweet story. Glad he could set the record straight.
How darling!
I think this continues to show that the most effective tool in the arsenal of gays and lesbians seeking equality is simply coming out. While it may not be easy for everyone, or safe, the ongoing thing I hear that has changed hearts and minds is people actually knowing someone - a child, sibling, parent, friend - who is gay, and who is effected by the discrimination of the State.

Just keep that in mind.
See! See!!! His daughter got gay-married in Vermont, and as opponents have claimed all along, Vermont immediately slid off into the sea.

Oh wait... That didn't happen.

It would have to hop over New Hampshire to do that. The 6288-foot altitude of Mt. Washington would make that difficult.

But I see, and fully support, the point you're making. The presence of New Hampshire isn't the reason Vermont's still in place.
@5 Stop trying to teach us east coast geography! Those states are so damn tiny!
Lloyd Hara is a pretty nice guy. I've had an opportunity to talk to him on several occasions, and I was surprised the Times dug up something so antique. I'm glad he wrote the letter, good for him for speaking up!
From personal experience, I know that Lloyd has many gay friends / acquaintances.
I've certainly never had any ill feelings toward the man. I would be honored to meet up with him sometime.
michaelp @ 3 has it exactly right. Personal experience certainly (I believe) has made the difference in changing minds.
I remember the movie "Some Like It Hot." In it, the idea of a marriage between two men was treated as something hilariously absurd. That was the attitude back then: same sex marriage was just... absurd. It took many years of questioning why we felt that way, and whether it really made sense, to get to where we are now.
Thanks Dad! You rock! We love you too and thank you for always, always supporting me and my relationship.