Because he just can't make up his mind between Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum:

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna isn't ready to endorse any of his party's presidential hopefuls, even during next month's caucuses.

Yeah, McKenna will "visit a few different caucus locations on March 3 to encourage people who are participating," the same AP report says, but really: What kind of example does it set for one of the top elected officials in our state, and a man who wants to be governor, to simply decline to participate in the democratic process for electing our next president?

Also: McKenna previously said he would attend the Republican caucuses, which makes this pretty clearly a political decision. (McKenna The "Moderate" probably doesn't want to be associated with any of these guys at this point, which is understandable—but not an option for people who are actually doing their civic duty and caucusing.)