Today's Dinosaur News


I was watching some workmen on a jobsite and how they spent so much time bent over while lifting weight. I thought about how dinosaurs were so balanced by their tails and I tried to imagine some kind of counterweight that people who bend all day for work could wear around their waste. Silly?
@1: We do counterbalance, just not the same way. When we bend forwards, we unconsciously shift our tuchus backwards to keep our center of gravity above our feet. If you don't believe me, stand straight with your back and legs against a wall and try to bend forwards and pick up something on the floor.
@2 TIL goddamn I'm gullible as fuck.
@2 what would happen if we walked on sloped platforms on our tippy toes?

What if Stegosaurus wore 6 inch Perspex heels like pole dancers do?