What Do You Think of the Trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?


Considering that this trailer has been posted to slog twice this week, I guess the PR people for the film have done their job:

Watching that trailer made me feel like someone cut open my skull and took a shit on my brain.
Alan Tudyk is in this. I will be there opening night.
He wasn't hero enough for setting free the slaves, now he has to hunt vampires too? GHEEEZUZ why is the bar set so high these days? Most people can't balance their check books, now they have to free slaves AND hunt vampires. I give up.
Wait... directed by Tim Burton? I thought it was going to be cult crap, like "Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter." But actual people are throwing money and talent at it?

Heading up to Northgate to grab a stovepipe hat and fake beard from the costume supply store, before they run out.
The premise is too dumb for me even to watch the trailer.
Produced by Tim Burton. Directed by someone else.
I was so saddened to see that Daniel Day-Lewis wasn't playing the role of THAT Lincoln. This is way too much Michael Bay/MTV. It could have been so much better. And the book was great, if not exactly the highest form of literature.
I don't understand what Johnny Cash has to do with Abraham Lincoln or vampires.
Paul, you neglected to mention that the shitty USB drive came in the shape of a BULLET hidden in a FAKE, LEATHER ENCASED DIARY BELONGING TO ABRAHAM LINCOLN (former president).

Which was the best thing about this movie by far.
The book was actually surprisingly awesome
I find it unlikely Abraham Lincoln knew martial arts. Other than that, it all pretty much adds up.
Yet another super coy and super brilliant movie idea spun from the mind of Tim Burton, which critics will call visually stunning but will be the usual colossal mishmash and bore-fest...and you'll be too cowered to say so...
I really tried to get into the book but couldn't handle all of the kids dying. I won't be seeing the movie for the same reason. That's right I'm cool with the vampires but can't handle the true stuff.
@5 & 7: Directed by Timur Bekmambetov!!!

He directed two of the greatest Russian vampire/underworld-esque movies ever known: Nochnoy dozor (Night Watch) & Dnevnoy dozor (Day Watch).
Call me when they release the biography of "JFK: Destroyer of the Borg" on the big screen.
I miss Lindy.
My project for the 2012 election year is growing the facial hair of the Presidents of the US. I'm timing my Abraham Lincoln Beard for opening day of this.
Your poll HTML is broken; it's not displaying the option "if I see one more scrap of pop-culture that is about vampires, zombies, or werewolfs, I am going to start screaming in a way that fills the sky and all of outer space and I will never, ever stop."
19 FTW