An Expected Foe of Gay Marriage, and an Unexpected Ally of Gay Marriage


So when we pull off his "Dick Cheney" helmet...what do we see?
His daughter is gay after all, the only surprise is him lending his name to the cause.

Dick Cheney.

Armed for Equality.
@2: Exactly. It's amazing how gay people become less evil in person than in the abstract.
cheney is all yours.....
Not really.
Vice is a monster of so frightful mien,
As to be hated needs but to be seen;
Yet seen too oft,
familiar with her face,
we first endure,
then pity,
then embrace.
Sure, now that they no longer need to gin up the hatred of gays to turn out the rubes on election day...but Christie still finds the bigotry self-serving.

Nothing to see here, move on.

"Even Darth Vader, in the end, has a little bit of a conscience."

That's not quite it. Cheney, like so many conservatives, changes his tune when it affects him personally.
Good Job Dick Cheney!!! I commend you for your work on gay marriage!

- Joe from Seattle
He no longer has a public office to run for. Thus he can act like a real person instead of a GOP robot. It makes perfect sense to me.
Fuck Dick Cheney. I remember 2004, when the GOP used DOMA to GOTV & his daughter's sexuality was a forbidden topic. He doesn't get a pass now, because he was a flaming hypocrite then.
He's still evil incarnate. What other-Scott @8 said: it's like abortions, no for everybody except THEIR daughter, that's different, show some compassion.
So, in other words, he never really believed all that "culture war" crap, even when he was beating that drum incessantly to trick low-information "values voters" into voting for a regime that viewed them with nothing but barely-disguised contempt and screwed them at every opportunity ?

How very realpolitik of him.
Surprised that he's doing something that for him is really about nepotism?
Dan seems to have so little to say about marriage equality in our state... so unusual, he's generally so verbose. What's up, girl? Cat got your tongue?
I would love to see Dick Cheney throw Rupert Murdoch down a reactor shaft...
Christie's actions sickened me. What really stinks like bad fish is his "olive branch" regarding appointing an Ombudsman to assure adherence to Civil Union Laws (and all the horseshit that ties us in knots via Civil Unions). We need a guy, OUR GUY, who can kick Christie's ass in the next election. The Best thing we can do for New Jersey is to send Christie home to HELL with the rest of his Republican cohorts.

Regarding Cheney; the Devil often tries to confuse people with his words, but he's still the Devil. Cheney would disown his daughter on the Capitol steps, if his Republican masters..... I mean handlers told him to.
@17 Cheney is one of the Republican masters.

This isn't as much about his daughter as it is about his grandchildren. He's not the kind of guy that lets people mess with his grandchild's family.
Support marriage equality or DICK CHENEY WILL SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE!
It's not that surprising. Time and again we are seeing the more moderate Republicans (a dying breed, yes) come around on such issues... but notice that it's only when they have friends or family affected by it. Listen to Maureen Walsh's much trumpeted speech in Olympia. Surprise! She has a gay daughter too.

It'll be noteworthy when we see a Republican come around on a human rights issue that affects humans they don't personally know.
Even Darth Vader, in the end, has a little bit of a conscience.

Isn't that sweeeeet? All it takes for any neocon gaytard, like twit Constant, is for someone like an Adolph Hitler, Mussolini, Josef Stalin or Dick(less) Cheney to stick up for gay stuff, and they are A. OK in Paulie's book.

Nothing at all wrong with killing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in Iraq.

Nothing wrong with various other vile and evil policies, "it's all good" as the never-left-the-plantation people say, as long as they support the gay stuff.

Which is why everbody loves that former solicitor general, Olsen, who was involved with Gore V. Bush, the stolen 2000 election, and who immediately moved on to wife #4 after the insurance settlement came through on wife #3 aboard that crash airliner on 9/11/01.

Yup, it's all gooooood, Paulie....
Uh... @21, what is it about this post that makes you think it's "all good" between Cheney and Paul Constant now? His choice of metaphor describes an irredeemable monster with the blood of millions on his hands, who nevertheless, when forced to choose between protecting his child and serving his dark master, finds that he still has the tiniest shred of conscience left in his undead cyborg heart.. That makes it an excellent description of Cheney crossing party lines to defend gay marriage, and doesn't in any way imply that Cheney is forgiven for blowing up Alderaan.
Perhaps Cheney could speak with whoever turns out to be the Repub Presidential nominee and ask them to tone down their party's homophobic rhetoric.
Cheney was against it when it gained him power to be against it. Now it doesn't, so he can be for it. This just demonstrates how selfish he is, that he wouldn't put rights and his own family before his desire for power. But once he had gotten enough of what he wanted for himself, then he is okay trying to mitigate some of the damage he did. Lots of Republicans are only against things as long as it gains them power to be.