Jon Stewart on the glitterbombers.

And, hey, you know how most of the folks who've glitterbombed me for being a transphobic marriage prioritizer aren't actually trans? (It's true! And non-crazy trans folks want that pointed out.) I got an email from one of the people who glitterbombed Rick Santorum a couple of weeks ago and guess what? He said he wasn't gay, just an "straight ally," and asked if I wanted to interview him about the awesome, glittery blow he struck for LGBT equality.

I passed. I've recused myself from the whole glitter thing for, you know, all the obvious reasons.

But to any folks out there who thinking about glitterbombing someone: You know they arrest glitterbombers now, right? (Well, they arrest people who glitterbomb GOP candidates. It's still openglitterseason on marriage prioritizing advice columnists.)