Who Is the Biological Mother?



I've been saying for years that we need to stop using that term. Its use permits them to frame the debate favorably in their narrow, joyless perspective. Call them 'anti-choice' 'coochie fascist' 'vagina police' or come up with a better term to replace theirs with.
Which explains why Chuckie's son is destined to be a complete retard by the time he fully matures. No genetic code will undo Chuckie's "nurturing".
@2 It appears you've missed the memo. We don't use that term anymore. Using it just makes you look like an asshole. This convinces people of the doubtfulness of any credibility of any insight into the parenting techniques of the Mudede family.
"Genetic mother" makes a lot more sense than "biological mother". I don't think we'll ever get "gestational mother" into common usage.
Personally, I like "momlet". But too many people seem to think its demeaning.
"If you see human sociality (care, friendship, concern, cooperation) as the actual biological process, you will see even better how empty and worthless the concept of "pro-life" is."

Charles, this might just be the best thing you've ever written.
I disagree. I believe "biological Mom" is necessary. I believe nature & nurture are components of life itself. Hence, "biology" the "study of life". Mothers are the natural progenitors of human life. I think the term makes perfect sense.

Regarding, the term "pro-life" vs. "anti-choice". I first heard that term, anti-choice about dozen years ago. Seems it was replaced by pro-choice advocates in the abortion debate. I like what Naomi Wolf once remarked "I'm pro-life & pro-choice".
Oh this is great, since the crucial thing is human sociality then an unsocialized new-born is also empty, worthless and disposable.

This view could help create a progressive final solution for those anti-social homeless as well, and the sociopaths; in fact any of the leeches on our big co-op of biological driven, only a moment of thought required, progressive society.

It's the biological imperative that the unwanted, unloved, uncooperative, unconcerned get D&Ced - at any stage of development from 0 to 85.

I think this will catch on!

i like both the writing and the photo in this post.

the photo is really cool. the cuddliness of the couple contrasts so starkly with the hardness and non-biological essence of the floor and the plastic seats and the metal. the cuddlers are so biological while the bus is not.
and of course, it makes me smile.
@4: A gestational mother would be a surrogate who allows someone else's zygote to be implanted into her uterus.
@7 i think that the idea here is to redefine or sharpen the meaning of the word "biological" by7 taking out the genetic component. a fetus in a womb is an genetic object in development. when the genetic development is sufficiently complete birth happens and the object becomes a creature ready to develop biologically.