Fact: Mike Daisey's Live Theater Has Helped Change the World


It is still illegal for the workers to organize and their pay is nowhere close to adequate but this is good news.
If they give the workers another 25% raise, I'll consider getting another made-in-china e-device.
Hell hath no fury like an NPR patron who's been guilted into action.
Episode #454 of This American Life, available on iTunes, is devoted entirely to Daisey's monologue.

It is not the complete monologue, just the best parts that fit in their hour-long format.

If you haven't seen it live though, it may be the next best thing. It's powerful. The last few minutes are Ira Glass interviewing Daisey about his trip to China.

There's also a segment that corrects a couple of errors that crept into his original script, such as the size of the cafeteria.

Go to iTunes and get it. It's free. It's good.
@2 HA!!!
That's why the pledge drives work so well.
It was my thinking that the death of Steve Jobs was a primary factor in their decision as Jobs was a cold, ruthless, greedy person who gave not a care for anyone would couldn't afford his products. And if one could afford his products, he offered only his contempt.

I have proposed the following:

1. Make the American minimum wage $25.

2. Impose a Labor Tariff on all imported goods that would be the difference in what Americans would be paid and what foreign workers are paid to make the good.
@3: the TAL version didn't necessarily use the "best parts". They completely eliminated the Steve Jobs / Mac addict storyline of the monologue, and there are some great lines/parts there. The removal was done to focus the story on the foxconn stuff, which is fine, but it gives the piece a slightly different tone and removes a lot of the humor.
Isn't it marvelous! And you folks at our favorite "news-paper" have been behind him from waaayback - you can be proud too. As an admirer of careful journalists, genuine activists and skillful dramatists, I've rarely been so starstruck as when Daisey himself popped into comments a few weeks ago to clarify how much Apple was hiding behind the camouflage of its new watchdog group.
Turns out that Mike Daisey was a big fat fraud.

His goal always seemed to be self-aggrandizing, rather than actually helping anyone.
Fatso is a Liar, stop putting up for him. His credibility is shot.