Send In the Trump: Does Romney Want to Win or Not?


The question is not, "Who does Trump support?" but, "Who does Trump's hair support?"
Blue collar Republicans always vote against their own interest, anyway.
How do you know Romney is asking Trump to do this? Trump is an attention whore.

Besides, blue collar republicans probably love watching the apprentice and are sure they'll get a chance someday to get on the show and be the Big Winner.

Remember, middle class and poor conservatives believe they're going to strike it rich one day - if only the government would get off their backs. They're completely delusional.
The Romney campaign keeps wheeling Trump around like he matters because Trump is a man of integrity!…
"actively trying to insult blue-collar Republicans."

actively trying to court blue-collar Republicans. (there fixed)

Paul you clearly don't understand or perhaps even met rust-belt blue-collar Republicans, they love Trump. They think he is one of them. They believe he pulled himself up, made his money "the old fashion way, by owning rental property" (seriously). He acts and dresses as they would if they had his money. Trump in their minds is a wheeler dealer who made it on his own merits, and beat the banks at their own game.

Trump is the perfect shill for Romney in the rust belt. Trust me I live here.
It almost makes you want to believe that The Nine or Ten Guys Who Secretly Run Everything have issued orders to the GOP to throw this erection but make it look like they're trying to win.
I love that typo.
When I dare dip a toe into political discussions with Republicans, I find that they usually see Trump just the way Trump sees himself: forthright, succesful, leader.

Sad: His endorsement IS worth something to that group.
@3, 5, and 8 are sadly correct. Or correct, sadly.
Who knows? Maybe Trump's income, in relation to Romney's, puts him (at least in Romney's mind) in the category of "blue-collar regular guy."