So Far, the Only Victims of Gay Marriage Are Lesbians


During the Initiative 13 campaign in 1978 it was claimed by the anti-gay side that gay people were going to attack the sponsors of the measure. What ultimately happened, however, was that attacks against the LGBT community skyrocketed.

They make the same claim every time and the same thing happens every time.
Don't forget that Seattlebruise had an aneurysm. Although, I may have caused that one. His last post on Slog was a rabid tirade in response to me. Well, at least with the brain damage he suffered, and subsequent dementia, he can hallucinate that he's living in his make believe house in Tuscany.
(hordes. Though if Santorum wins office we might have to stockpile some for a rainy day.)
Not to discount what you're saying Cienna, but the two are not quite comparable. If went live with the names very soon after that vote, its more probable that some nitwits might have done some vandalism. But, that was over two years ago and folks moved on.
WHAT THE FUCK!!!!???? teri is a friend of mine!
Some gays made fun of my terrible fashion sense recently. That totally counts.
Note to the Seattleblues and Loveschilds of the world: Getting called an idiot because you wandered into a liberal-leaning forum (or any forum of public discussion, really), called everybody a deviant or worse, and otherwise acted like an idiot does not consitute as being harassed or persecuted.
Ok, cocksucking locusts, really? That's an awesomely disgusting line. I didn't know you had that in you: You should do stand up, Drag King style...You could be, "Sarah Silver Man"
It takes balls to ask them to call you up and hand you a scoop.

I'm pretty sure if somebody on that list calls up a right wing reporter and claims harassment, it's probably fake. If somebody on that list is dumb enough to call up the likes of Cienna Madrid and claim harassment, it's definietly fake. Not saying the Stranger won't print it...
@2: It's Seattleblues, not Seattlebruise, but still, lol. Also, Baltimore represent!
Actually, it's Seattleblahs, isn't it? The short, hairy guy with the sweat stains who smells like sphagum moss?
Don't be so sure that heterosexuals are not being targeted. This guy has been constantly harrassed by homos ever since the bill was signed into law!
sphagnum, honey. actually, that is a perfect description of supreme ruler of the universe!
I don't read every post here. Did SeattleBlues come on Slog and say he had an aneurism?

I'm not sure I'd believe him if he did; rather, I'd guess something else changed that made his constant trolling less interesting to him, say like realizing that same sex marriage will eventually happen no matter how much he campaigns against it.

But if it's true, that's awful. Sorry to hear it, SB, and I hope you recover.
I thought Seattleblahs had the aneurysm before he started commenting on slog.