Gay marriage is signed into law in Washington state, a lesbian couple publicly states that they can't wait to get married, and they come home to a swastika and a middle finger spray painted onto their Tacoma garage.

Meanwhile, it's been four days since the debut of, the searchable database that contains the names and addresses of Washington residents who signed 2009's anti-gay Referendum 71, which sought to repeal Washington's domestic partnership laws. And despite bigots' fears that they'd be subject to harassment if their bigotry were made public—that hoards of dapper gays would descend upon them like cocksucking locusts!—the internet is predictably devoid of stories of reprisal.

So, for those of you keeping score at home: The only people victimized as a result of Washington's gay marriage law appear to be a lesbian couple and their three children. (But hey, if any of you bigots out there have a story of being harassed or persecuted by the gay mob as a result of your R-71 signature or for speaking out against gay marriage, I'd love to hear it.)

Hat tip to Sir Spanks-a-lot.